About Me

Freiberuflicher Persischer Übersetzer

Fereydoon Bazadeh : Freelance Farsi / Persian Translator

Are you looking for a Farsi freelance translator, to translate;

  •  your webpages
  • an article
  • a brochure
  • a catalogue
  • a user’s manual
  • etc.

from English or German into Farsi?

Well, You are right here!

Do you need a text translated into Farsi from German or English? Do you need your translation to be immaculate ,  impeccable and faultless?

Congrats! You have found the right person!

You are always more than welcome to email me for getting a quotation. I will do my best to get back to you ASAP. Best way to contact me would be sending a message to:  fereydun.bazadeh@gmail.com .

I have done all kinds of translation stuff for clients from allover the world, basically and mainly from Germany, Austria, Netherlands, US, Canada, Russia and India.

Translation is not the only thing I am doing. For a full list of services I offer, please check Other Services . I would be able to travel and relocate to any country and work on your projects.

Are you trying to gain your market share in Iran or other Farsi speaking countries? And do not know how and where to start from?

Do you want to open up a franchise in Tehran and do you want to get hooked up with the rightest person or company?

Will you participate in an international Exhibition or Show in Tehran and would you like to hire a translator for your booth?

Will you be traveling to Iran and are you looking for a companion, who could show you the beauties of Iran?

I would be available for hire or hook you up with the right person. Let me know the details of your requirements, and your offer and we will start working on it.